Amber’s Poems


A deer peacefully grazes in a meadow;
The morning sun glistens across a dewy field.
Red and purple flowers stretch toward the sky;
Wind blows pass a solemn face.

Birds chirp merrily as they hunt for prey.
Water trickles across bare feet;
Thoughts swim through the air.
A pen scribbles on paper.

Nature moves around a dignified figure.
A story is being built;
One of love and hope.
Many hearts will be stirred.

The soul of these moving words;
Aren’t only created from within,
But also from the serene scene
That surrounds the imaginative individual.

Written by Amber Autry 2009


Salty drops flow down rosy cheeks.
Once beating in unison with another,
a heart was now alone.

Knees fell to the ground.
Moist palms tightly held fresh flowers.
Smells of fresh dirt filled the air.

Gray stone etched with words of remembrance
burned into the mind of a loved one.
A man who sacrificed everything lay below.

He fought hard for his country
and for the freedom of many.
Years will pass before inner wounds heal.

But as the woman kneeled,
she sobbed softly as she gave
an unwanted goodbye.

Written by Amber Autry 2012

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