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The Life of a Stalker…

woman stalker

woman stalker

A dark night surrounded her, and even the elusive moon cast little light as it lingered behind cloud cover. Scared. She wasn’t going to be scared. No. There was no time for that. Yet, her trembling hands revealed the terror she harbored deep within.

She clasped the cold metal of the gun to steady herself. Being stalked for months, seven long months, had its toil on a pregnant woman. This time, she’d bring her stalker down. For good. A rustle in the woods behind her had her hoping she was right. Her unborn child’s safety, and her own, relied on it.


Stalking… It’s what my current novel is about. I love it. Every bit of it. I think I found my niche in the Romance world. At the moment, I’m impatiently awaiting my chance to dive deeper into the stalker’s mind, but I still have a bit to write before I’ll be able to do that.

This WIP, working title ‘The Baby Heist’, was requested during a Speed Dating with Editorial Assistant Dana Hamilton. For this Pitch date, the book didn’t have to be started, which is unusual for publishing houses. Halfway through writing, she requested what we had finished. Ever since submitting my first few chapters, I’ve been following the editor. Not in real life. On Twitter, but now, I feel like the stalker…

But, upon reading the definition…


  1. A person who stealthily hunts or pursues an animal or another person.
  2. A person who harasses or persecutes someone with unwanted and obsessive attention.


…unless she has felt harassed, I don’t fall under the stalker category. Although watching her obsessively probably borders on the same tendencies a  stalker would have. How many of you enjoy reading Romantic Suspense with stalkers?

Monthly Shorts: The Tranquility of Pink Blossoms

cherry blossomsHorse hoofs clicked on pavement as Rob sat next to his wife, Josephine. Her face brightened as the carriage turned the corner and entered a beautiful field of magnificent gardens. His love for her grew every second, but sadness had enveloped their lives the last few months. Even now, during one of their most romantic moments, he wanted to cry.

Her light blue eyes set deep in black circles and her face was ashen, but nothing could cover her beauty. Especially as the lowering sun bounced off her soft blonde curls, and a seductive smile was plastered on her face. Rob scooted closer and wrapped his arms around her.

She ran a hand through his short brown hair and kissed his lips. The softness of her touches subduing the sadness for only a moment. It was hard to live with the knowledge that she was dying, and he hadn’t left her side since she had been diagnosed with cancer. Filling her days with spontaneous adventures like this ride on a horse carriage around England, he would do anything to make the rest of her life special.

When she patted his knee and put her attention back on the peaceful surroundings, he could feel the excitement roll off her. Anticipation caused knots to form in his stomach as they got closer to their destination. This moment had to be perfect for his sweet angel. He reached up and covered her eyes before they rounded the last corner.

She tried to wiggle out of his hands, but Rob inched closer to her ear and whispered, “My love. We’re almost there, and I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Keep your eyes closed.”

Slowly lifting his hands to make sure she had complied, he halted the carriage and rushed to the back. He rummaged around and a glance back at Josephine made him smile.

She stood on the carriage with her eyes held shut and a wide grin on her face. The joyous chirps of birds suited his agenda well. The scenery was phenomenal. Two trees with dark pink blooms sat in the center of a meadow. These blooms also covered the ground, and in the middle, Rob had laid out a picnic.

Enveloping his wife with his massive arms, he savored every second of this time with her. “Keep your eyes shut.” He led her close to a blanket.

“One more second.” Rob stripped and laid down in the center of the two cherry blossoms.

“I don’t think I can wait any longer.” She started shifting on her feet.

“Okay, I’m ready. You can open them now.”

She stifled a giggle and hurried to his side. “It’s absolutely beautiful, but I don’t understand why you would lay in the middle of such a wonderful view naked. It ruined the whole thing.”

“Hey.” Rob pinned her under him. “At least I don’t have a huge, ugly freckle on my boob.”

They laughed then Rob kissed Josephine deeply. She moved into the kiss and struggled to remove her clothes. Soon, they enjoyed the dance that only lovers can make while the sun moved slowly over the horizon.

When finished, they both lay naked and watched the stars come out one by one. Josephine lay in the crook of Rob’s arm twiddling with a branch of cherry blossoms while Rob ran a finger down her arm.

She turned to face him. “This is so wonderful. Thanks for bringing me here.”

“I found this place a few years ago on that business trip I took. All I could think about was how the beauty reminded me of you. I knew I would bring you here one day, but I didn’t know it would be under these circumstances.” His mood sobered.

Silence surrounded them and Rob laid his head on hers. Tears threatened. He had to be strong for Josephine. How could he accept this tragedy that had befallen them?

“I’m going to miss the hell out of you.” Rob’s voice broke and wet drops fell onto his wife’s rosy cheeks. “I’ll be okay. I promise.” It was a lie. A heck of a lie. He doubted he’d ever be okay, but he had to make Josephine believe it so she could be happy in her final days.

She faced him and wiped away his tears. “I’ll still be with you Rob. Forever and always here.” She pointed to his heart.

“I know, but I don’t understand why nature chose to take you away from me. Of all the people in the world you are the one that gets this horrible disease.”

“I don’t know either.” She paused then gave him a long kiss. “I love you, and I wouldn’t have spent such a special moment with anyone else. You’ve made my last days here worth living.”

Looking down at the blooms in her hand, she slowly slid them into Rob’s hand. “Here take these and keep them to always remember the time we‘ve had here. The peacefulness of it, and the happiness. This is how I want you to always remember me.”

Rob took the small flowers in his hand and felt a thick wave of serenity come over him. Lying back, he finally was able to accept the fact of Josephine’s death and would make sure that every second he had with her would be just as special as today. He grasped her fragile fingers and looked out at the darkening sky.

The End

This was entered into a writing contest on the Harlequin Forums. I didn’t place in the top, but it still was fun. You can find the entry, along with other great ones, at the link below

Harlequin Forums Writing Challenge

Change: The Good and The Bad

Spring Forward, Amber Autry, Change, Romance Author

Spring Forward, Amber Autry, Change, Romance Author

Change. It’s a part of life. Something we all go through. There’s good change, bad change, and the change you thought was going to be good but winds up being bad. I’ve had a lot of change the last few months. Some good and some bad. But, honestly, I see good things come from bad changes every time. Whether it be something I learned or something much better around the corner.

I’ll start at the beginning of the year. There were two major things that happened to me. One good and one bad. First, we (me and hubs) decided we needed to shut down our business. It was a sad day, but long overdue. I learned a lot as a business owner and in the shutting down process. So, there was some good that came out of this bad.

But, as they say, when one door closes, another opens. For the most part, this has proven to be true in my life. On January 4th, 2013, I participated in a speed date with the editor. This is where I pitched a novel idea (the manuscript wasn’t required to be started) to an editor for the Harlequin Intrigue line. The editor requested a FULL manuscript. I was so ecstatic. This was the hugest step in my writing career. Everyone keep their fingers crossed for me.

Anyway, some other good changes. I got a new job and a promotion. My husband got a good position as a manager, and this just may be our best year yet. I have lots of goals to accomplish and many more changes for the better in my future. I’m sure some bad will come too, but the good always out weighs the bad. Keeping a positive attitude is key.

Don’t forget to Spring Forward this Sunday, and remember, during the time change, now is the time for you to make the difference to have some good changes come your way too. What good changes have come your way already this year? What are some you feel will come to you later in the year?

Romantic Melody


There comes a time in life that you find someone that completes you.
Someone who follows the same life melody as you.
And when you find them, you mustn’t let them go.
That’s when you make the most meaningful promise in you life.
The one that speaks of forever.
The two of you have found that someone and have made that promise.
Today, your forever begins and may your melodies always stay in rhythm.

Written by Amber Autry 2012

Potential Greeting Card? What are your thoughts?

The Unwanted Goodbye

Salty drops flow down rosy cheeks.
Once beating in unison with another,
a heart was now alone.

Knees fell to the ground.
Moist palms tightly held fresh flowers.
Smells of fresh dirt filled the air.

Gray stone etched with words of remembrance
burned into the mind of a loved one.
A man who sacrificed everything lay below.

He fought hard for his country
and for the freedom of many.
Years will pass before inner wounds heal.

But as the woman kneeled,
she sobbed softly as she gave
an unwanted goodbye.

Written by Amber Autry 2012

Second attempt at poetry. What do you think?

Inspirations: Romantic Comedy

I thought this was funny and wanted to share. What are some cases where you were trying to be romantic, but your lover ruined it?