Amber Autry was born and raised in Springtown, Texas. Somewhere around the age of 12, she found a desire to write.  She wrote christian plays and songs for her church’s drama club, but nothing was ever shown to the drama teacher. Soon, her “fun” teenage years took over and writing was forgotten.

    As an adult, Amber enjoyed reading books by Nora Roberts and Johanna Lindsey, along with many other authors. One day, bored at home, she sat down and started her current novel, Conflicted Heart. As a child, writing was another game, but today she finds it to be more than a hobby. It’s a lifestyle.

    After being a wife, step-mother of a teenage boy, business owner, and a member of the North Fort Worth Writer’s Group, Amber spends her free time learning the craft and improving her writing.


4 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Johanna Lindsey is awesome. I’ll never forget that Love Me Forever was first book I read of hers and probably read 100 times since- no joke, my memory is short, but I remember I really like it and get the same thrill everytime. I’m also a fan of Conflicted Heart to, Rick gives me shivers every time I read about the charming altruistic man. He can come paint my porch anytime! 🙂

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