The Dark Knight and the Bright Morning

He comes to torment.
The Black Knight
on his midnight horse.
Tugging me
Deep into the dark, desolate void.
Hollowness envelopes me.
His crushing grasp feeds the pain.
Only suffering at my side.
This Dark Knight devoured my joy,
my independence,
my will to live.
My body cringes.
Agony consumes me.
Be gone!
Where is the light,
and the White Knight
on his vibrant horse?
Elude me no more.
Deliver me.
For this sorrow cuts into my soul.
Why oh why
does the Black Knight linger?
Make haste,
I beg thee,
to the depths of hell.
But, my answer,
a sneer.
Throwing me deeper
into the abyss.
Until suddenly, a flash.
I’m illuminated
The White Knight embraces me.
The Black Knight,
and all his despair,
Joy engulfs me.
my new best friend.
And my nightmare
is over

dedicated to my mom. She asked me to write a poem from a small imagery of words she gave me and here’s my result. let me know what you think.

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