Gained love through lost love


Years slipped away
As my soul slumbered
Deep within the darkest shadows.
Then you suddenly appeared,
And the energy you harness
Connected to mine as a beacon
Illuminating the path away
From the nothingness
Consuming me for too long.
The short whirlwind of time we shared
Birthed a bond so special
I never dreamed of letting go,
But, as the fates fought for something real,
Life tore us apart.
And as the seconds turn to minutes,
Your memory lingers.
Although my soul would rather stay awake in your arms,
Acceptance that we may never be
Is within my grasps.
Through your acceptance and understanding
I learned to love myself
On top of falling for you
But, ironically, it also will help me move on
For my soul refuses to return to slumber
And my strengthening heart, upon healing,
Will wait until a real love finds me once more.

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